Montelindo Garden Club
2015-2016 Programs

September 18
Presentation: Mediterranean Mounds
Jeff Rosendale.
October 16
Presentation: Water Wisdom - Drip by Drip
Roxy Wolosenko.
November 20
Presentation: Bee Friendly Gardening
K. Ruby Blume.
December 11
Holiday Luncheon
A members-only annual event.
January 15
Presentation: Form and Foliage
Sarah Malone.
February 19
Presentation: Incorporating Succulents Into Everyday Gardens
Rebecca Sweet.
March 18
Presentation: From Flower Farm to Vase Floral Designs
Anna Campbell.
April 15
Presentation: Having Fun With Garden Design Challenges
Katie Creighton.
May 20
Spring Luncheon
Chef Charles Vollmer.
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