Montelindo Garden Club
2014-2015 Programs

September 19
Presentation: Roots Demystified: Change Your Garden to Help Roots Survive
Robert Kourik.
October 17
Presentation: Sobralias and "the Orchid Whisperer"
Bruce Rogers.
November 21
Presentation: Reuse in the Garden
Matthew Levesque.
December 12
Presentation: Lamplighters
Holiday Luncheon. A members-only annual event. Four singers and a pianist.
January 16
Presentation: Fruit and VEgetable Gardening
Clair Splan.
February 20
Presentation: Small Space Gardening
Susan Morrison.
March 20
Presentation: Floral Designs
Howard Arendtson.
April 17
Presentation: Wild Life in the East Bay
James (Doc) Hale.
May 15
Spring Luncheon
Charles Vollmer. Chef Instructor/Owner, Epicurean Exchange.
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