Montelindo Garden Club
2013-2014 Programs

September 20
Presentation: Autumn Is the Second Spring
Kristin Yanker-Hansen. A garden designer, member of the Ruth Bancroft Gardens Board of Directors & past-president of the Calif. Horticulture Society, Kristin will discuss autumn blooming plants. Plants will be for sale at near wholesale prices after the talk.
October 18
Presentation: Floral Designs
Howard Arendtson. Owner of H. Julien Designs, Berkeley, Howard will create several unique arrangements using familiar materials. Arrangements will be offered to the members as door prizes.
November 15
Presentation: Flowering California Native Shrubs for Gardens
Ted Kipping. Well-known Bay Area arborist who travels world wide learning about trees as well as locating rare flora and fauna, Ted says that California has one of the largest floras in the USA, many of them being shrubs.
December 13
Presentation: Showtime by pianist Frederick Hodges
Holiday Luncheon & Sale. A members-only annual event. Frederick will be playing a selection of tunes by Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Jerome Kern, plus songs made famous by Fred Astaire.
January 17
Presentation: Thinking Like a Naturalist
John Muir Laws. A naturalist, educator, artist, author, and popular speaker, "Jack" will demonstrate simple, fun techniques you can use in your own nature discoveries. He will bring books for sale.
February 21
Presentation: Garden Photography
Marion Brenner. A professional photographer, a former art and architectural photographer, who took garden photos for the Examiner in the early 1990's, Marion will show her garden photos and preview her book on Paris gardens.
March 21
Presentation: Succulent Jewel Boxes
Patrick Lannen. Garden Designer & Consultant with Flora Grubb Gardens, SF, Patrick will create "jewel boxes" in front of our eyes. One lucky person who can answer a trivia question may receive one of his creations as a prize.
April 11
Presentation: Art in the Garden
Freeland Tanner. A landscape designer, draftsman, master carpenter, and metal fabricator, Freeland will offer views of his garden and his art.
May 16
Presentation: Ferns in the Garden
Chris Carmichael. Associate Director for Collections and Horticulture, UC Botanical Gardens, Chris will discuss how ferns, which are low maintenance plants and come in a wide variety, can give a landscape a lush, exotic look while adding texture.
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