Montelindo Garden Club
2011-2012 Programs

September 21
Spring Blooming Bulbs
Kathy Courtright, third-generation in the nursery business, is co-owner of ORCHARD NURSERY AND FLORIST with her father, Tom.
October 19
Fall and Winter in the Garden
Dustin Strobel, Manager of SLOAT NURSERY in Danville, is a California Certified Nurseryman. He is passionate about plants and has spent many years sharing his knowledge with children and adults.
November 16
Sunset Western Garden Collection 2012
Janet Sluis, horticulture expert, collaborated with Sunset Magazine on their recently introduced Sunset Western Garden Collection plant collection. She will tell us how the plants were chosen, their specific attributes and why they made the cut.
December 7
Holiday Luncheon, Bazaar and Auction
Diane Ferlatte, Storyteller Extraordinaire
January 18
Growing Citrus in the Bay Area
Don Dillon, Jr., grandson of the founder of FOUR WINDS GROWERS, oversees the Fremont operation. He was California's "Young Nurseryman of the Year" 1989 and President of the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers in 1999.
February 15
Gardens of Israel
Sylvia Rose McDougall, member of Montelindo and a Master Gardener, will once again deliver a power-point presentation based on her travels.
March 15
Incorporating Australian Plants into a New or Existing Landscape
Troy McGregor is the owner of GONDWANA FLORA, a small nursery specializing in hard-to-find plants from Australia and South Africa, and is the Nursery Manager at Markham Arboretum in Concord.
April 19
Container Gardening
Shawna Anderson, California Certified Nursery Professional and Certified Horticulturist for ORCHARD NURSERY AND FLORIST, is known as the "Container Diva" for her unique designs. Her passion has led her to open her own business, "Thrillers, Spillers and Fillers".
May 17
Spring Luncheon
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