Montelindo Garden Club
2010-2011 Programs

September 16
In a Chinese Garden
Carole Austin, a member of the Montelindo Garden Club, is a working artist and retired curator of the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco. She has given several presentations to the club.
October 21
Tropics by the Bay - Subtropical Gardening for Northern California
Gary Gragg is the President of Golden Gate Palms & Exotics in Richmond, CA. Gary's design work can be seen throughout the Bay Area, including residential communities, avenues, public buildings and the Oakland Zoo. He is also the host of HGTV's Superscapes.
November 18
Floral Arranging Demonstration and Raffle
Ria Sim is the founder of TwigsStudio and the owner of Ria Sim Designs in Danville, CA. Ria Sim plans events down to the last leaf in the floral decorations and gives focused attention to every project, from food to table linens to party favors.
December 9
Holiday Luncheon
Miramonte High School Jazz Combo, directed by Mancho Gonzalez, will perform at the Holiday Luncheon.
January 20
Creatures of the Urban Wilderness - Your Backyard
Gary Bogue is a writer whose daily column on pets, wildlife and environmental issues has appeared in the Contra Costa Newspapers since 1970. He has been Museum Curator of the Lindsay Wildlife Museum (1967-1979) and the Executive Director of Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation (1992-1993).
February 17
Garth Jacober purchased Harry's Nursery in Lafayette in 2007. He changed the nursery's name to Mt. Diablo Nursery and, in honor of Harry's Nursery, named the gift shop in the back "Harry's House". Garth is a Master Gardener and a renowned camellia expert. He has worked in gardening and landscaping for over thirty years.
March 16
Color Year Round
Jill Appenzeller, a past President of the Montelindo Garden Club, is an avid gardener, speaker and landscape designer. She is a member of numerous garden related organizations including the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Royal Horticultural Society. Her first book, Postcards from the Hedge, was published in 2010. In addition, Jill has been featured on HGTV's Curb Appeal.
April 20
Robin Stockwell is the owner, grower and manager of Succulent Gardens in Castroville, CA. At Succulent Gardens, a wholesale/retail nursery covering over three acres, Robin cultivates and grows over 400 varieties of quality succulent plants. Robin has been working with succulents since 1972 and has been active in the nursery industry for over 40 years.
May 18
Japanese Maples
Barry Hoffer - Barry and Sue Hoffer, arborists and owners of Maples for All Seasons in Pleasanton, CA, have been involved in the growing, care and pruning of Japanese maples for over fifteen years. Their goal is to share their passion and love of Japanese maples with others. Barry regularly teaches classes on Japanese maples. Both Barry and Sue are officers in the Northern California Japanese Maple Society.
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