Montelindo Garden Club
2010-2011 Programs

September 17
Native Here: Using Local Native Plants In Gardens
Charlice Danielsen, Founder Native Here Nursery, Tilden Park
October 15
Water Worlds: Creating Container Water Gardens
Erle Nickel, Home & Garden Columnist SF Chronicle
November 19
Decorating From Your Garden
Julia Lojo
December 10
Holiday Luncheon
Miramonte High School Choir Directed by Sarah Downes.
January 21
Maximizing Your Yard Without Lawn
Laural Roaldson, Owner of Laural Landscapes, Walnut Creek
February 18
Horticultural Therapy
Patrice Hanlon, Garden Manager, Garden at Heather Farms
March 18
A Bee In Your Bonnet- Intro To Backyard Beekeeping
K. Ruby Blume, Founder of the Institute of Urban Homesteading
April 15
Growing Spring and Summer Vegetables
Sefani Bittner, Teaches classes at Magic Gardens, Emeryville
May 20
Spring Luncheon
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