Montelindo Garden Club
2006-2007 Programs

September 21
Travels With Meadow
SYLVIA ROSE, new Club member, will present a slide show/talk about her 35,000 mile auto trip from here to Alaska to Florida and back with her dog, Meadow.
October 19
Pollination Ecology
JAN WASHBURN, a UC Botanical Garden docent and an instructor at UC Santa Cruz, will discuss the bugs that pollinate our gardens.
November 15
BOB GOULD, an expert Bonsai grower and exhibitor, will be talking about his hobby.
December 14
Radio Revisited
JANET SMITH, a collector of old radio shows that we all know and love, weaves excerpts of these shows into a Holiday Story.
January 18
Mediterranean Gardens
DICK TURNER, editor of Pacific Horticulture magazine.
February 15
All About The Sierras
JACK LAWS, author, will talk about his new book. As we learned when he last spoke to the Club, Jack is extremely entertaining as well as informative. His books will be for sale following the presentation.
March 21
Container Gardening & Small Gardens
ROSE MARIE NICHOLS MCGEE, owner of Nichols Garden Nursery in the Williamette Valley, Oregon, and author, will be bringing her best-selling book on Container Gardening & Small Gardens.
April 18
Plant Photography
HEDI DESUYO, noted photographer of plants and gardens, will show some of her work and give tips on how to photograph plants.
May 16
Exotic Flower Arranging
MARY CROWELL & SHANE LOOPER, two very funny ladies who do wonderful, fun flower arrangements. There will be a raffle for the arrangements.
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